Synaptop is your virtual computer that lets you collaborate seamlessly with others.

Finally, Platform Independence

You can use Synaptop anywhere. Plain and simple. The idea behind Synaptop was to create a platform indepedent operating system that gives you access from your home computer, work computer even your mobile device or tablet.

Windows OS X Linux Ipad/Tablet Android Device Blackberry

Your computer on the cloud features:

  • 2GB+ storage.
  • Many useful apps.
  • Collaborate with anyone in any app.
  • Video conference with anyone.
  • Organize and play music.
  • Give presentations online.
  • IT’S FREE!!!


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What is Synaptop™?

Synaptop™ is a virtual online operating system that runs on the cloud. Synaptop™ is your entry point to the Internet. It is a new collaboration platform for work, study and entertainment that changes the way we interact on the internet.

On Synaptop™ you can store files and run apps, and what’s more, you can follow or be followed by friends in any application! You can co-DJ, co-author, co-browse with your friends. Synaptop™ is built for collaboration from the ground up and is fully integrated with all your favourite social networking tools. It’s an easy to use, reliable, scalable computer that you can access everywhere.

Use Syanptop™ on your PC, Mac, phone, tablet, or any other device with an internet browser.

Social Butterflies Rejoice!

Access all of your favorite social networking tools from one place. Video chat with your friends. Take socialization one notch higher — socialize with your contacts in any application.

Businesses — Improve productivity.

Lower costs significantly. Communicate effectively. Collaborate effortlessly. Engage customers. Find out how your organization can benefit from Synaptop’s patent pending technology.


Individuals Share files with your family and friends. Use Synaphone™ to video call them. Surf the web with them using Synapnet™. Make life a little more exciting with Synaptop™