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Welcome to Synaptop™, a unique online portal. Synaptop's website, features, services and business - current or future, are available to you for use subject to the terms (or conditions) of use listed hereby. As a user, visitor or registrant of this site www.synaptop.com or any aliases thereof, regardless of device or mode of access, you accept and agree to comply by these terms. Synaptop reserves the right to make any changes and revisions at any time to these Terms of Use without further notice.

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As a user of this site, you agree to take full responsibility for any activities that take place under your account or through your account credentials. You agree to take responsibility for ensuring confidentiality of your account information including sensitive information such as passwords. InventMode reserves the right to terminate accounts or refuse service, delete or modify content at their discretion. If you are under 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to use this site.

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"Synaptop", "Website", "site" - refer to the synaptop.com platform provided by InventMode, Inc.
"InventMode", "We", "Us" - refer to InventMode, Inc.
"User", "You", "Consumer" - refer to any user of the Synaptop™ platform or its affiliated sites.
"Merchandise", "items" - refer to the products that are available for sale on Synaptop™ or its affiliated sites, including, but not limited to, apps in the Synapstore.
"Friend" - refers to an acquaintance that you may wish to interact with while using the Synaptop™ platform or its affiliated sites.

Site Access and License

InventMode grants you limited license to access the Synaptop™ website and all associated content solely for your personal and non-commercial use. This license does not permit and does not include permission for downloading (except for components required for site viewing purposes) or modifying or reproducing or copying or distributing or transmitting or displaying site content in any way, form or through any medium; republishing or re-broadcasting the site or its contents; reselling or using any portion of this site or its contents (including any type of product information) for commercial purposes, without the explicit written permission or authorization of InventMode. Any segment of this site or its contents or account information of users may not be utilized in relation to businesses or services not owned by InventMode. The use of data collection and data mining tools, crawlers, robots and other data extraction scripts, software and/or tools is strictly prohibited on this site. Site content and structure, designs, trademarks, logos, graphics, images, layouts, and other proprietary information may not be manipulated or embedded or displayed in any format or medium, electronic or otherwise, either explicitly or in an obscure manner without the written authorization of InventMode. Even where permission is granted by InventMode, no proprietary information, including links to the site and/or any associated content may be used in a manner that is not reflective of InventMode and its products and services, and/or is defamatory, misleading, malicious, obscene, offensive or otherwise harmful to any person or group or entity. Any use other than that authorized herein is strictly prohibited and terminates the license granted by InventMode. Further, this license is revocable at any time without notice and without cause, at InventMode's discretion.

Prohibited Content and Activity

Synaptop's platform, services, chat and other communication applications and all other account resources and technologies will not be used for engaging in any activity or posting or sharing or communicating any content that is illegal and/or prohibited. The nature of content and activities that are prohibited on Synaptop's Platform includes, but is not limited to, all that:
a. Is illegal, misleading, or deceptive;
b. Is fraudulent, including but not limited to, acquiring personal, financial, or other information in a misleading or deceptive or non-transparent manner, through activities including without limitation spammimg, phishing, pharming, spoofing, and/or for illegal, misleading, or fraudulent purposes, or for impersonating any person;
c. Violates or infringes any third party's proprietary rights (including, for example, intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademarks, privacy, or other personal or proprietary rights);
d. Involves spamming or unsolicited activities and/or material that violate or contravene any laws, regulations, principles or norms governing the advertising industry;
e. Involves commercial activities and/or sales such as contests, sweepstakes, barter, advertising, or pyramid schemes;
f. Involves soliciting, gathering, requesting or otherwise acquiring access to usernames, passwords or any other authentication credentials from users of Synaptop for commercial or unlawful purposes;
g. Involves gathering, requesting or otherwise acquiring access to emails and contact information for purposes of sending unsolicited communications;
h. Allows personal identification of any Synaptop user without their explicit consent;
i. Is discriminatory based on race, color, ethnicity, origin, nationality, age, sex, religion, disability, or marital status;
j. Is defamatory, malicious, libelous, abusive, obscene, offensive or otherwise harmful to any person or group or entity;
k. Involves disclosing your Synaptop username, password or other account information to any third party or permitting any third party access to your account;
l. Involves registering for a user account on behalf another user or group or entity;
m. Attempting to use another user's account without authorization;
n. Creating a user account using false or fake credentials, or impersonating any person or entity;
o. involves disclosing or making publicly available on the site any private third party information such as contact or email address, phone numbers, identification credentials such as Social Security numbers, birth dates, credit card information or other financial and personal information;
p. Can impair or overburden or hamper the site, its functionality and services in any way;
q. Constitutes a criminal offense under any local, provincial/state, national or international law;

InventMode reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action against anyone who, in InventMode's sole discretion, violates this provision, including without limitation, removing or editing the offending communication from Synaptop's services and terminating the membership of such violators.

User content

You grant InventMode a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, perpetual, transferable license to use, publish, modify, copy, adapt, derive from, translate, embed, reproduce, sub-license, distribute, display whole or part of any material that is posted or communicated or submitted or provided by you, for any purpose commercial or otherwise, in any part of the world irrespective of format or media employed. You recognize that InventMode may retain archived copies of your user content, even though the content may have been removed from the site by you. You represent and warrant that you own the content or have full rights to the content that you post or submit; that the content is compliant with these terms of use; and is accurate. You further agree to indemnify InventMode for all claims resulting from content that you provide.

Errors and Omission

Synaptop will make every effort to ensure that all information relating to the goods and/or services to be sold and/or promoted, such as the function of apps, and updates of apps, are accurate. However, some apps may not be exactly as shown. Inventmode is not responsible for typographical, technical, or descriptive errors posted on the Synaptop platform.


The Synaptop platform and services are provided "As Is" and any use of these is at your own risk. Inventmode disclaims all expressed or implied warranties including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability, fitness, and non-infringement with regards to the services and resources provided by Inventmode or its subsidiaries or affiliates. Further, Inventmode does not provide any warranty that Synaptop.com and its web services will be continuous, uninterrupted or error free. Inventmode will not be liable for the consequences of any downtime, interruptions or errors. Moreover, Inventmode will not be liable for damages to property, loss of property, conditions, injuries or loss of life resulting from using any of its services. Inventmode will not be liable under any circumstance for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages; interruption of use; loss of revenue, profits, or data, arising in connection with this Agreement. Furthermore, with respect to this Agreement, Inventmode will not be liable for any misuse of personal information by the user, who chooses to remove security measures and allows their profile to be public. That decision is made in sole discretion of the user, and consequences of said action are therefore on the onus of the user.


Any dispute between the user and Inventmode is governed by the laws of the city of Toronto.


InventMode reserves the right to alter, modify or replace any portion of these Terms of Use at any time and at its sole discretion. Any changes to these Terms of Use or the posting of new conditions of use constitutes acceptance of those changes. Further, any new features, services, tools, and resources offered in the future through Synaptop's platform shall be subject to this agreement.