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Manage data, apps and relationships™

  • Watch movies WITH friends.
  • Listen to music WITH friends.
  • Annotate and edit documents WITH friends.
  • Video chat with multiple friends.
  • Store, share, and OPEN files. (Plus, get 7 GB+ free storage space.)
  • Collaborate in apps!
Watch movies WITH friends.!



Your free computer on "the cloud" on which you can collaborate, run apps, & store files.

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and lots of them.

  • Every app lets you collaborate!
  • Watch movies WITH friends.
  • Listen to songs WITH friends.
  • Co-browse the internet WITH friends.
  • Sketch on the same canvas WITH friends.
  • Video conference with multiple friends.
  • Lots of FREE apps!


Each App is innately social.

  • Drag contacts into apps to collaborate.
  • Invite and manage collaborators using 3 easy buttons.
  • Developers: Build your app on top of Synaptop's real-time collaboration platform.

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Never sync them again.

  • Access your files from anywhere.
  • Easily share files with individuals and groups.
  • Easily exchange large files.
  • Manage file versions.
  • Use files with your Synaptop apps.
  • 7 GB+ free storage!

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Why Synaptop?

  • Access your files and apps from anywhere on any device.
  • All apps are managed for you. No need to worry about updates or patches.
  • Nothing to download or install.
  • Secure, reliable, and scalable.
  • Access all your social networks, contacts and everything you love about the web from one place.

Social Butterflies Rejoice!

Access all of your favorite social networking tools from one place. Video chat with your friends. Take socialization one notch higher — socialize with your contacts in any application.

Businesses — Improve productivity.

Lower costs significantly. Communicate effectively. Collaborate effortlessly. Engage customers. Find out how your organization can benefit from Synaptop's patent pending technology.


Individuals Share files with your family and friends. Use Synaphone™ to video call them. Surf the web with them using Synapnet™. Make life a little more exciting with Synaptop™