Manage data, apps and relationships™

  • Watch movies with friends.
  • Listen to music with friends.
  • Annotate and edit documents with friends.
  • Video chat with multiple friends.
  • Store, share, open and collaborate on files.


Your FREE computer on the cloud where you can collaborate, run apps & store files




and lots of them

  • Every app lets you collaborate!
  • Watch movies WITH friends.
  • Listen to songs WITH friends.
  • Co-browse the internet WITH friends.
  • Sketch on the same canvas WITH friends.
  • Video conference with multiple friends.
  • Lots of FREE apps!


Each app is innately social

  • Drag contacts into apps to collaborate.
  • Invite and manage collaborators using 3 easy buttons.
  • Developers: Build your app on top of Synaptop’s real-time collaboration platform.

Your Files

Never sync them again

  • Access your files from anywhere.
  • Easily share files with individuals and groups.
  • Easily exchange large files.
  • Manage file versions.
  • Use files with your Synaptop apps.
  • 7 GB+ free storage!

Why Synaptop?

  • Access your files and apps from anywhere on any device.
  • All apps are managed for you. No need to worry about updates or patches.
  • Nothing to download or install.
  • Secure, reliable and scalable.
  • Access all your social networks, contacts and everything you love about the web from one place.
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