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TORONTO/LOS ANGELES, July 15, 2011 — Synaptop ( is always pushing the envelope and constantly providing you with new, fun and efficient ways to communicate. Now you can use Synaptop to video mail or vMsg(TM) your friends. It's free and doesn't require any downloads or installations. It's a simple 'click and send' process. That easy!

Synaptop is a virtual online operating system that runs on the cloud. On Synaptop, you can store files and run apps, and what's more, you can follow or be followed by friends in any app!

Synaptop's vMsg(TM) extends the communication features offered by Synaptop's Synaphone. Synaphone lets users video chat with their contacts from any internet browser. You can video conference with multiple people. You can talk with as many people as you like simultaneously and you are only limited by your bandwidth. On Synaptop, you can even talk with or vMsg(TM) your Facebook friends, contacts on LinkedIn, and other social networks.

The vMsg(TM) feature recently released by Synaptop will simply make your life easier. It eliminates the need for typing and composition. Sending a video doesn't require proof reading, and it also makes the internet a safer place. For people who meet online, for friends, and for business users, videos send out a clearer message and reduce errors and misinterpretations. In many situations, a vMsg(TM) is better than a live video chat as it doesn't demand your immediate attention.

Synaptop's multithreaded nature lets users use other apps while using Synaphone. Users can watch movies together, co-browse the internet, draw together, co-edit documents, listen to music with friends, give presentations online, and more! It is a new collaboration platform for work, study and entertainment that changes the way we interact on the Internet. Synaptop is built for collaboration from the ground up and is fully integrated with all your favourite social networking tools. It's an easy to use, reliable, scalable computer that you can access everywhere.

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Synaptop’s mission is to provide leading-edge solutions to help people interact seamlessly and use technology effortlessly for work, study, and play. Synaptop(TM) is reshaping the planet's digital landscape, deleting digital borders, and changing the way people interact online and offline.

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