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Video Collaboration Software


SynapView™ video collaboration software lets your users watch videos together synchronously while interacting both through video and text chat. Users can watch videos together on your site in real time, browse videos, pause, rewind, and even fast forward all in sync. Giving your customers the ability to watch videos together provides them with the ultimate immersive experience.

Video Collaboration Technology

SynapView™ Benefits

Engage Customers

SynapView™ provides your customers with an exciting and engaging way of watching videos together on your site.

Increase traffic

This collaborative video technology increases website traffic, drawing your customers to share the video-watching experience, while interacting via video or audio chat at the same time.

Increase ROI

SynapView™ creates a snowball effect by engaging social networking amongst your customers and creates new revenue channels.

Nothing to Download or Configure

Users do not need to download or install software to watch videos with friends. With a simple click, users can start watching videos together on your website.


SynapView™ is platform independent and works on almost every internet-enabled device including PCs, MACs, Linux and Unix operating system devices, Android operating system devices, Playbooks, Samsung Galaxy tabs, and other platforms.

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