Present. Any Device. Any Screen.

Seamlessly transfer data and apps across devices and screens.

Synaptop™ is an operating system for the cloud. It is an open platform that works on every internet enabled device. SynapScreen™ is an innovative wireless technology from Synaptop™ that lets you interact, connect, and collaborate on any screen, any device, anywhere!

In Sync

Synapscreen lets you run apps IN SYNC. All apps across users and devices can be run synchronously. You can watch videos together, draw together, co-browse the internet, work on documents together, give presentations, and more!

Remote Users 

Synaptop™ lets you interact with displayed content, creating and editing in sync even with remote contacts.


Annotate PDFs videos and other documents in sync! All logged in users can make annotations in sync, in real-time across devices. All annotations and changes can be saved and viewed later. Collaborate like never before!

Immersive Interaction

Synapscreen™ lets anyone logged in interact with friends and contacts through video and text chat while interacting in applications in real-time.

Any Device

Synapscreen™ Any internet-enabled device. TVs. Smartphones, car dashboard, any display device.

Any Platform

Synaptop™ and Synapscreen™ work across all major platforms. Drag and drop data and apps across Windows, Android, iOS, OS X, Linux, Unix, and other platforms.

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