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Listen to all your favourite songs using the Media Player. Also check out the latest charts and share music with your friends!

Synaptop's Media Player keeps all your music organized.

  • Store and access all your music from anywhere - on your computer, laptop, tablet, phone, or any internet enabled device.
  • Listen to songs with friends. Follow your friends in Synaptop's Media Player or Co-DJ™ with them.
  • Find every song worth listening to on Synaptop's Media Player.
  • Create playlists from your songs and other music on the internet.
  • Find the coolest music. Check out top charts and what's trending.
  • Works on PCs, MACs, Linux/*nix, iPhones, iPads, playbooks, Android phones, Windows phones, Samsung Galaxy tabs, and other devices.
  • Fetch music files automatically by scanning your files on Synaptop.

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