Girl meets Boy™


Play Girl Meets Boy, a 2 player co-operative platforming game where the players must work together to complete the level. Work together with a loved one, friend or rival to solve and complete difficult levels.

Game Features:
Innovative Co-operative gameplay designed for two players.&endline Play a boy and a girl, or a boy and a boy, or a girl and a girl, your choice. Then when you've beet the game switch start locations and play the game from the other player's prospective.
10 exciting levels, starting out easy and increasing in complexity and difficulty as more elements are added to the game.
Dodge slimes, push crates, block lasers and most importantly get away from Joe. Why is he so angry at you all the time?
Collect 3 hearts on each level for super completionist points (such as bragging rights). Also hearts are nice to have.

Only on Synaptop
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