Dailies Software Solution

Synaptop’s Dailies Solution lets studios collaboratively watch videos across locations and interact immersively thereby reducing costs, saving time, and increasing efficiency. Synaptop provides synchronous viewing of videos in high definition remotely on any platform. This Dailies Solution lets producers, directors and any members of the production or film crew watch, collaborate and annotate remotely in real time. Synaptop is tablet-friendly, and there is nothing to download or install.

Live Events

Synaptop™ lets studios, broadcasters, agencies and advertisers host live digital events with real-time elements. Promote your content through Synaptop digital launches integrated with Twitter and Facebook. Synaptop™ can be accessed from any device with nothing to install. Moderated mass to host one-on-one interaction is available. Throw a digital party for your next content launch or show.

Sell Your Content

Synaptop™ makes it easy to connect your target audience with your content. With our innovative technology, we allow users to view content with others in real time. Increase your sales and gain exposure with our Synaptop Theatre™ application.

Synaptop Theatre™ also encourages selling crowdfunded content.

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