Far Away from Your Valentine? Have a Date on the Cloud!

TORONTO/LOS ANGELES, February 9, 2012 — Valentine’s Day is just around that corner, and while many are buying chocolate, flowers and making dinner plans, those in long-distance relationships are often left behind to spend the day alone. Are you struggling to find Valentine’s Day ideas? Synaptop’s free cloud interface lets you have a date with your Valentine despite the distance. On Synaptop you can share a movie date by watching a movie together, in real time, while chatting or video messaging. Synaptop also allows you to listen to music together, co-dj, play games together, and collaborate on many other applications!

More than 44 percent of couples report that spending time together (not chocolate, flowers or jewellery) is what makes their Valentine’s Day itinerary special. So, if you are far away, you can still share some time with that special someone on the cloud. With Synaptop, you don’t have to spend Valentine’s Day apart from your sweetheart. Instead, you are able to spend time chatting, watching movies, listening to music and more on the cloud!

About Synaptop(TM)

Synaptop™ is a virtual online computer that runs on the cloud. On Synaptop™, you can store files and run apps, and what’s more, you can follow or be followed by friends in any application including movies, music and more!

Synaptop™ can be accessed from any internet browser on any device. Best of all, there is nothing to download, and it’s absolutely free!

Moreover, Synaptop™ gives you full control over content and privacy. On Synaptop™, you can share different resources with different people at the same time and still continue to work on other apps. You can share files and applications with others, while maintaining privacy on documents you wish to keep private. You can even work on different applications at the same time, with different users.

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