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SAN FRANCISCO, September 10, 2012 — Synaptop ( officially announces the launch of Liveline at the 2012 Tech Crunch conference in San Francisco. Liveline, a new app on Synaptop,offers a personalized and customized approach to sharing in the form of virtual trips. From family trips to tutorials,Liveline merges media sources and unifies social interaction. Currently, the internet is an overwhelming place with large amounts of disconnected social content. Liveline rises above, allowing users to harness this data, compose and present structured and focused virtual trips.

Liveline’s trips are an interactive experience that include the integration of videos, images, audio files, URLs, documents, websites, and other content. Users can personalize their trips to suit their interests and fit their purposes.Users can simultaneously include a narration offering a guided walkthrough of the content presented.

Viewers can auto play, scroll through the trip, or enter it at any given point, and engage with the interactive media-rich content. The content for Liveline can be as varied as its users. Examples of Liveline trips range from cooking and cosmetic tutorials, DIY instructional videos, family vacations to interactive lectures, presentations and business meetings.Synaptop’s Liveline brings varied digital content and personalized trips together on a unified and social platform.

Liveline is accessible at

Liveline is accessible at

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