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May 6, 2016- On Saturday May, 14th, 2016 at 6 pm EST Synaptop in partnership with BusyBees Productions, will host a new series of film festivals called Half Moon Cinema. Following the May 14th festival, titled Choices. Half Moon Cinema will air live on Synaptop on the third Saturday of each month.

Half Moon Cinema was created to help filmmakers promote their own work while simultaneously supporting the work of others. A lot of great short films and web series do not get the publicity they deserve; Half Moon Cinema plans to shine light on those productions by giving filmmakers access to an immersive platform where audience members can interact with the cast, directors, and producers in real time and in sync via Synaptop’s live events platform.

“We’re very excited to be working with BusyBees Productions on our interactive platform by giving film makers the opportunity to chat face to face with their fans en masse on our immersive platform. ”, Dr. Sami Siddique, founder and CEO of Synaptop

Admission: Tickets will be sold for $3.99 per person. Get your tickets here.

What a ticket will get you: Audience members will get to watch the five productions listed below. Audience members will also have the chance to take part in contests, experience live interaction with hosts, and the chance to vote for their favorite production.

Content: There will be five productions playing on the 14th, two series pilots, and three short films.

The first production of the evening will be the British web series Kosmos, created by Simon Horrocks and staring Jeff Dahlgren. Both Jeff and Simon will serve as our hosts for Kosmos.

The second production of the evening is the Canadian action series pilot called, Petrol, created by Reza Sholeh and Ant Horasanli. Reza and Ant will be serving as hosts for this episode of Petrol.

The third production of the evening is a short film called Profile. directed by the ever versatile Ron Leach and written by Steve Boyer. In Profile, we see the dynamic performances of Steve Boyer and Helen Johns.

The fourth production of the even is a short called Getting Ready for a Lunch Date. This film was written and directed by Patrick Hodgson and produced by Mafalda Gugliuzzi. It stars Jessica Pontes and Benjamin Blais and the hosts for this film will be, Mafalda Gugliuzzi and Jessica Pontes.

The fifth and final production of the evening is the short film Billy the Kid, directed by Joshua Amar, written by Matt Pancer, and staring Degrassi’s Ricardo Hoyos.  Joshua and Matt are both Ryerson graduates and now live in Los Angles. The host for this production will be Joshua Amar.

About Synaptop: Synaptop is an interactive live events platform. We are reshaping the planet’s digital landscape, deleting digital borders and changing the way people interact on and offline. Synaptop’s mission is to provide cutting edge solutions to help people interact seamlessly and to use technology effortlessly for work, study and play.

About BusyBees Productions: Dr. Stephanie Brister and Dr Michael Buchanan created BusyBees in August 2015. They left the world of medicine to begin a life of filmmaking. BusyBees is currently making their first independent film, The 12th in association with Kicking Tire Films.

About Kicking Tire Films: Patrick Hodgson and Mafalda Gugliuzzi run the Toronto based production company Kicking Tire Films. Kicking Tire Films launched in August 2015 in conjunction with Kicking Tire Studio.

Tickets can be purchased here!

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