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TORONTO/LOS ANGELES, July 27, 2011 — Synaptop’s ( cloud-based customer service solution is changing the way companies and clients communicate, enabling more sharing, discussion and collaboration. Synaptop is a collaboration-enabled computer that runs on the cloud. On Synaptop, you can store and share files, run apps and more. It is compatible with any internet-enabled device, and there is nothing to sync or download! The new customer service brings these collaborative and easily accessible features to customer service!

Studies show that customer service representatives spend a significant amount of time (over 50% of the length of a call) trying to understand the customer’s concerns and communicating a solution back to the customer. With Synaptop™, customer service representatives can quickly understand customers’ concerns and serve customers faster saving you time and money!

With Synaptop™ integrated with your website, you can walk your customers through your website showing them which products to choose and advertising your latest promotions. You can view your customers’ bill with them in real-time to ensure clarity and avoid any confusion or errors in communication. As you browse through pages, your customers will see what the customer service representative sees and vice versa. Customer service representatives can even engage in a video chat with your customers. This is the ultimate online customer service care solution that can enhance the way customers are assisted and give your company a competitive edge.

Synaptop is launching the new generation of client relations software that is transforming the ways products and services are promoted, and customer concerns are related and addressed. No longer is miscommunication an inescapable feature of customer relations. Synaptop makes it possible to enhance a client’s experience through real-time collaboration!

For more information on Synaptop, visit Synaptop’s Customer Service solution page.

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