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TORONTO/LOS ANGELES, June 27, 2011 — Synaptop ( helps make your life easier by offering you a virtual, hardware cloud OS that can be accessed from any internet-enabled device.

Synaptop, a website that launched recently, is a virtual online computer that runs on the cloud. On Synaptop, you can store files and run apps from wherever you are, and you can follow or be followed by friends in any app! Synaptop is easy to use and provides consistency between your personal devices, as you can run the same apps on any of them, eliminating the need to learn and adjust to different apps.

Synaptop is a game-changing technology that will allow you to interact and communicate in a way that you have never done before. Now you can listen, share, and store music through the Synaptop Media Player and the best part is you do not have to apologize about “Having all your good music on your laptop/hard-drive”. With Synaptop you have full and consistent access to all your good tunes no matter where you are, regardless of what hardware you have on you. With Synaptop’s Media Player, there’s no manual syncing required. You have seamless access to your music everywhere.

However, it’s not just the Media player that Synaptop can offer. The system provides you with multiple apps that le you always stay connected such as the Theatre movie player that lets you watch movies online WITH your friends at the same time no matter what time zone they are in. You can also sketch, give presentations, and video chat with multiple contacts, or find other exciting apps at Synappstore(TM). Synaptop is changing the way we think about browsing and synchronization today – relaxing the borders between hard and soft, pushing all the limits, and deleting borders on the map.

Synaptop can be accessed at

About Synaptop(TM)

Synaptop’s mission is to provide leading-edge solutions to help people interact seamlessly and use technology effortlessly for work, study, and play. Synaptop(TM) is reshaping the planet’s digital landscape, deleting digital borders, and changing the way people interact online and offline.

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Gloria Bairos
+1 650-603-0069

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