Synaptop™ introduces a Collaboration-enabled Online OS

TORONTO, April 7, 2011 — The computer as we know it is about to change. Synaptop™ wants you to use the Internet as your virtual computer, and they want you to do it with your friends.

Synaptop™ is launching a feature-rich platform that plans to change the way millions of online users use the Internet for work, study, and play. Through innovative, patented technologies, Synaptop™ introduces a brand new concept — a collaboration-enabled online operating system.

Synaptop™ is a virtual online cloud OS that runs on the cloud. You can access Synaptop™ from any internet browser on any device. On Synaptop™ you can store files and run apps, and what’s more, you can follow or be followed by friends in any application! Synaptop™ is built for collaboration from the ground up and is fully integrated with all your favourite social networking tools. It’s an easy to use, reliable, scalable computer that you can access everywhere.

Synaptop’s Synapp Store™ offers a number of useful apps, including:

Synapshow — Walk your contacts through documents. Give presentations online.
Media Player — Listen to songs with your friends. Create playlists. Every song worth listening to, available at a click wherever you are.
Synaphone™ — Video chat live with your contacts.
Synapnet™ — Browse the internet and use your bookmarks from anywhere, or browse the Internet with someone else and take a tour of the web with friends.
Sketch — Draw on the same canvas as your contacts, use as a whiteboard, play tic-tac toe or collaborate on an art piece.
Chat — Chat with your contacts and even translate your incoming messages on the fly.

Synaptop™ lets you easily upload and access your files anywhere and effortlessly share files with colleagues, clients and friends. The platform’s integration with Facebook and Twitter keeps you connected all the time and lets you follow your favourite people seamlessly.

“It’s a virtual operating system built for the current times.” Sami Siddique, President and CEO, Synaptop™ speaks of the website’s unique features. “If all you have is a hammer, then everything is a nail. I found myself trying to use email for a lot of things that email isn’t built for.” reflects Siddique about people’s habits. “There weren’t any readily accessible tools out there that would allow real-time collaboration.” adds Siddique. “People like to follow others on Twitter and Facebook”, but with Synaptop™ he boasts, “You can follow anyone in any application. You can co-DJ, co-edit, co-browse with your friends.” The real-time interaction adds a whole new element to this virtual operating system; one that hasn’t existed until Synaptop™.

For individuals, Synaptop™ is a great entry point to the internet as it consolidates all your apps and files in one simple place. It lets you browse the internet, watch videos, listen to music, work on documents, all with friends! It makes it easy to share files and gives you full control of privacy.

For businesses, Synaptop™ is a great way to help engage with customers, collaborate with partners, and it’s definitely a great way to streamline communication and stay organized. Synaptop™ also allows businesses to seamlessly manage applications and content for their customers giving their customers a hassle free user experience. Synaptop’s apps for businesses includes a “customer service app” that lets businesses walk their customers through their websites in real-time and interact with customers via video chat. Another app for businesses is a “human resources” app that lets businesses virtually interview job applicants.

When asked what’s next, Siddique says, “We have some great industry partners and some really amazing apps coming out in the near future.”

About Synaptop™

Synaptop’s mission is to provide leading-edge solutions to help people interact seamlessly and to use technology effortlessly for work, study, and play. Synaptop is reshaping the planet’s digital landscape, deleting digital borders, and changing the way people interact online and offline.

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