Synaptop API now available. Let users follow or be followed in your app!

TORONTO/LOS ANGELES, November 22, 2011 — In its continued effort to facilitate collaboration on the cloud, Synaptop( today officially announced the public launch of Synaptop’s Application Programming Interface orAPI. This cloud API will allow developers to take advantage of the cross-platform benefits and collaboration technologies available on Synaptop.

Synaptop is the world’s first collaborative online operating system that runs on the cloud. It’s a virtual computer on which users can store and share files, and run apps. Users can follow or be followed by friends in every app! Synaptop lets users listen to songs with their friends, watch movies with them, co-browse the internet, video conference with multiple friends, video message contacts, co-edit documents, sketch on the same canvas, give presentations online, and more!

Access to Synaptop’s collaboration features
Apps on Synaptop give users access to collaboration features which allow users to engage with others in the same app. These users can be other Synaptop users or members of popular networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, and others. Synaptop’s API now permits third-party developers to write apps with the same collaboration capabilities and level of engagement as popular apps on Synaptop such as Theatre for watching movies with friends. Now you can let users follow or be followed in your app. “The internet has so far mainly involved asynchronous communication. The launch of our API marks a major shift from this paradigm”, points out Synaptop’s President and CEO, Sami Siddique. “Using Synaptop’s API, now any developer can write rich apps that leverage Synaptop’s synchronous collaboration technologies in order to truly harness the power of the internet”, adds Siddique.

Personal Cloud Computer
Synaptop is a new platform for delivering applications on the cloud. Synaptop’s API gives developers a window to users’ personal cloud computer (PCC). Apps get access to the users’ storage space and an execution environment within the users’ PCC. This new platform provides an unrestricted development environment so developers can code in any language of choice and also easily port existing apps to Synaptop. Moreover, apps on Synaptop can be managed making it easier for developers to propagate updates without having users worry about patching or complicated installations. Apps written by developers can easily be launched by users with one click in an environment that users are comfortable with.

Write once, deploy anywhere
Synaptop offers a unified development platform that makes app development quick and easy. Developers can write once and deploy their applications on any internet-enabled device while making use of Synaptop’s collaboration features. Users do not require anything to download or install to use apps and can access apps from everywhere. “We have recently seen an influx of computing devices in the market”, reflects Siddique. “Synaptop’s API lets developers deliver apps to a very wide audience on multiple platforms, including, Windows, MAC, Linux, iPhones, iPads, laptops, desktops, and more”.

Business benefits
Synaptop’s API opens up new revenue generation opportunities that harness cutting-edge cloud computing and collaboration technologies. Businesses can generate additional revenue through advertising and other monetary transactions. Using this API, businesses can develop rich, engaging apps that reach a wide audience while incorporating online and offline collaboration. Synaptop facilitates rapid app development and deployment at lowered costs using Synaptop’s existing infrastructure giving your business a competitive edge.

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