Synaptop™ launches new Collaborative PDF Annotator and Write App!

TORONTO/LOS ANGELES, April 23, 2012 — Synaptop ( officially announces the availability of Synaptop Annotator™ for PDFs. This tool now allows users to view and annotate PDF documents in real time while reading together, page by page. Users can also write and edit documents in various formats collaboratively, using the Write app. Synaptop lets you collaborate by annotating and writing synchronously while chatting or interacting via video. Your followers can see all that you write, edit and annotate in real time!

Inviting followers to the PDF Annotator or Write apps is easy. Once you add the apps from Synappstore you can drag and drop contacts directly into the app window or add contacts with a single click. Synaptop’s PDF Annotator and Write Apps also come with a very intuitive interface so you can annotate on the cloud, on the go!

Synaptop allows all those who work with files of all formats to easily run, store and annotate documents collaboratively with colleagues or clients. PDF Annotator and Write are the perfect solution for students working on group assignments or tutoring one another while writing, editing, reading together and annotating documents. It is also an invaluable tool for teachers who conduct classes online. Synaptop’s Write app lets you create and edit documents in Microsoft formats (.doc and .docx), Rich Text format (.rtf), Open Office (.odt), and more.

About Synaptop(TM)

Synaptop™ is a virtual online computer that runs on the cloud. On Synaptop™, you can store files and run apps, and what’s more, you can follow or be followed by friends in any application including movies, music and more!

Synaptop™ can be accessed from any internet browser on any device. Best of all, there is nothing to download, and it’s absolutely free!

Moreover, Synaptop™ gives you full control over content and privacy. On Synaptop™, you can share different resources with different people at the same time and still continue to work on other apps. You can share files and applications with others, while maintaining privacy on documents you wish to keep private. You can even work on different applications at the same time, with different users.

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