Meeting in the cloud

Draw on a whiteboard together!

Make notes together in real time while chatting or interacting via video on Synaptop’s Whiteboard. As you collaborate with contacts while meeting on Synaptop, you can take down meeting minutes or draw together. Don’t like being boxed in by fonts and formats? Synaptop’s whiteboard is the perfect tool for those who want to generate new ideas, create sketches, or illustrate with diagrams or images. Use Whiteboard to meet and communicate in the cloud, and even on the go!

View & annotate PDFs together!

Synaptop’s PDF app allows users not only to view PDF documents together, but also to annotate as you go. Synaptop’s PDF annotator is perfect for all those who work with PDF documents, as it allows users to read together in real time while making notes. If you’re tired of miscommunication, lost notes, or misinterpretations, Synaptop’s PDF viewer and annotator is the perfect tool for you. Stay on the same page as your contacts and make meeting, editing, creating and collaborating easy!

Create and edit documents together in Write!

While meeting in the cloud, you can use Synaptop’s Write app to create and edit documents in various formats. Write lets you create and edit documents in Microsoft formations (.doc and .docx), Rich Text format (.rtf), Open Office (.odf), and more. On Synaptop, you collaborate in real time. Your contacts see what you see, be it viewing or editing! As you write together or work on documents, you can interact and discuss via chat or video.

Share and manage files

  • Easily share files with individuals and groups.
  • Easily exchange large files.
  • Manage file versions.
  • Use files with your Synaptop apps.
  • 7 GB+ free storage!
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