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Synaptop’s Media Player – Listen to music with friends

Synaptop’s Media Player on a mobile device


  •   Listen to music with friends in real time!
  •   Free music streaming app on the cloud
  •   Access from anywhere
  •   Browse or upload your own songs
  •   Nothing to install and it’s free!

How to Listen to Music with Friends


To get started, use the search box to search for songs that you want to listen to and begin adding songs to your library.

To add a song to your library, simply search for a song, and then click the “Add to Library” button beside the song that you want to add. You will be prompted to enter/change the artist and song name if you choose.

To add a song to a playlist, right click a song in your library and select “Add to Playlist”. Then, choose an existing playlist from the dropdown menu or type in a new one to create a new playlist.

To listen to music with friends, you can either drag and drop friends directly into Synaptop’s Media Player or invite them into Music Player by clicking the “Invite Follower” button located at the top right of the app.

Now you can listen to music with your friends for free, from any Internet-enabled device!

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