How to Upload, View and Share your own videos on Synaptop Theatre™

Instant Synchronized Media Streaming with your Peers

Want to watch movies you have on your computer with your friends? Try Synaptop Theatre, where you can upload your own personal files for viewing with others. We’ve been getting some questions as to how to upload videos, and we’re here to guide you step by step.


Optional: Convert Files to mp4

Currently, Synaptop Theatre only supports MP4 video files encoded in H.264. If your video file doesn’t fall under this category, for it to work with Theatre it will have to be converted into the appropriate format.

If you need to convert your video, you can direct your file to Convert-Video-Online and select mp4 as the output option. We recommend however that you find an offline solution as that will reduce the time spent on converting.

Upload your video onto Synaptop Theatre

Once you verify that your video is compatible with Synaptop, you can then upload it onto our cloud server.

To start, launch Synaptop Theatre and click on the My Videos tab. If you have no videos, your screen will look similar to what is presented on the right. In that case, click on the Upload button present next to the Youtube/Vimeo switch, and a file dialog window will open. Select your video from there and press Open.

Verify that your files are uploaded

Once you select a video to upload, in the top right-hand corner this transfer bar should appear.

Upon completion there will be a check mark, with an option to open the folder the video is stored in. This verifies that the video has been successfully uploaded onto your Synaptop account. You can simply close this dialogue and return to the Synaptop Theatre window.

Open your newly uploaded video in Theatre

Back in your My Videos window on Synaptop Theatre, navigate to Uploaded Videos  to view the videos you previously uploaded.

Hover your mouse over the video you wish to watch to bring up the Watch and Delete Video buttons, and click Watch, and then…

Your video is now playing on Synaptop!

You can now view your video any time, anywhere, on any device. Drag your friends in from your contact list to have them join in on the fun!


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