Have a movie date online

Go on a movie date without leaving home!

Synaptop Theatre, a free app on Synappstore™ lets you have a movie date online with your significant other even if you are far away. Many people find themselves in long-distance relationships. It’s hard to keep in touch and go on dates. Go on a movie date online and stay connected with your loved one.

On Theatre you can watch TV and movies while video and text chatting with contacts in Synaptop. Laugh together, chat, annotate and watch in sync. It’s closest thing to being there!

How to have a movie date online

Take your significant other out on a movie date even if you are far away! They will appreciate the initiative and will love to spend time with you. Long distance relationship can be hard, but on Synaptop you can do things together, spend time together, laugh, talk and have fun!

After signing up, open Theatre, rent a movie, drag and drop your contact into the movie and start watching! Video chat, text chat and annotate in sync at the same time.

Do more on your date!

Play games, draw together and hang out with other friends!

Synaptop has lots of things to do for you and your date. You can play lots of games on Synaptop with your date such as Memory Game, Cards vs. Mankind, Flappy Fish Bird and more! Bring more friends and have a big date with all your friends on Synaptop.

Check out movies on Synappstore. We have lots of new TV shows and movies coming soon.

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