Digital Asset Management Solution


Synaptop Digital Asset Management lets your company preserve, manage, and share current and historical rich media content. It is a collaboration platform with integrated real time storage systems and other critical workflow elements. Synaptop’s DAM solution enables you to manage and repurpose content in a secure, streamlined environment. Located in the cloud, this solution is accessible from any device, anywhere in the world, providing your company and clients with ease and convenience.

Synaptop DAM Benefits

  • Simplified digital content access and management.
  • Seamless local and global collaboration.
  • Real-time collaboration on rich media content.
  • Increase ROI in communication budgets by re-purposing produced content.
  • Elimination of redundant production, and increased distribution and usage of content produced.
  • Elimination of shipping charges associated with mailing of digital content.
  • Lowered hardware and maintenance costs.
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