Synaptop API

Synaptop is a virtual operating system for delivering your applications on the cloud. The Synaptop API lets users follow or be followed in your app! Visit the Synaptop API Documentation page and start creating your own apps.


Synaptop’s API gives developers access to Synaptop’s collaboration features allowing users to engage with others in the same app, both synchronously and asynchronously. Let users interact in your apps with other Synaptop users or members of popular networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, and others.

Personal Cloud Computer

Synaptop’s API gives developers a window to users’ personal cloud computer (PCC). Apps get access to users’ storage space and an execution environment within the users’ PCC.

Write once, deploy anywhere

Synaptop offers a unified development platform that makes app development quick and easy. Developers can write once and deploy their applications on any internet-enabled device while making use of Synaptop’s collaboration features. Users do not require anything to download or install to use apps and can access apps from everywhere. Synaptop’s API lets developers deliver apps to a very wide audience on multiple platforms, including Windows, MAC, iOS, Linux, iPhones, iPads, laptops, desktops, and more.

Unrestricted Development Environment

Developers can code in any language of choice and also easily port existing apps to Synaptop. Moreover, apps on Synaptop can be managed making it easier for developers to propagate updates without having users worry about patching or complicated installations.

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