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Dailies Software Solution


Synaptop’s Dailies Solution lets studios collaboratively watch videos across locations and interact immersively thereby reducing costs, saving time, and increasing efficiency. Synaptop provides synchronous viewing of videos in high definition remotely on any platform. This Dailies Solution lets producers, directors and any members of the production or film crew watch, collaborate and annotate remotely in real time. Synaptop is tablet-friendly, and there is nothing to download or install.

Synchronized Viewing in HD

While viewing footage synchronously across locations, users can simultaneously video chat or text chat on Synaptop to provide feedback. Viewers can pause, fast forward, and rewind; all fellow viewers see all changes in sync. Timecode and keycode numbers can be included in the viewing process, allowing for easy editing and annotation.


Annotate videos and view scripts

Synaptop also lets users annotate videos and scripts. Scripts in various formats can be displayed alongside footage with timecode tags that let users navigate footage easily via links that refer from script to footage.

Asset Protection

Use Synaptop Dailies™ software to prevent unauthorized distribution and copyright infringement by streaming select content securely. We’re obsessed with keeping your data safe, so we offer bank grade security. All transfers, real-time collaboration, passwords and log-ins are encrypted.


User Management

Synaptop’s Dailies Software Solution gives you full control over user management, privacy and log-ins. To preserve and organize your content, you can set privileges, categorize dailies into folders, and set read/write controls. Footage can be shared synchronously and asynchronously, online and offline. 

Digital Asset Management


Synaptop DAM lets your studio preserve, manage, and share current and historical rich media content. It is a collaboration platform with integrated real time storage systems and other critical workflow elements that enables you to manage and repurpose content in a secure, streamlined environment.

We offer seamless local and global real-time collaboration, reducing your production costs and increasing efficiency.

Nothing to download or configure

Users do not need to download or install software to use Synaptop Dailies. With a simple click, users can start watching dailies together.


SynapView™ is platform independent and works on almost every internet-enabled device including PCs, MACs, Linux and Unix operating system devices, Android operating system devices, Playbooks, Samsung Galaxy tabs, and other platforms.

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