Study Better in the Cloud

Collaboration for Students

  • Watch videos and lectures together.
  • Edit and annotate documents together.
  • Read together, page by page.
  • Give presentations online.
  • Store and share files effortlessly.
  • Lots of apps with real-time collaboration.
  • Music, movies, games, and more.
  • IT’S FREE!!!

Study better!

  • Synaptop’s Write app lets you create and edit documents in Microsoft formats (.doc and .docx), Rich Text format (.rtf), and Open Office (.odt). Convert between formats.
  • View and Annotate PDF files. Make notes while you study or during lectures.
  • Store and share files and folders in the cloud. Send large files with a click.

Stay Connected

All your friends in one place

Meet with friends online. It’s like being there with them virtually! Video chat, send and receive video messages with vMsg, chat with friends on Facebook or Gmail, all from one place. Interact with your friends in Synaptop apps.

Group projects made easy!

  • Doing group projects just got easier! Create, edit and proofread text documents in groups in real time. You can draw and make notes with fellow students on the same whiteboard.
  • Cloud storage for students is available on Synaptop. Access your files from anywhere!
  • Having trouble co-ordinating group research projects? Synaptop allows you to organize and manage all aspects of Internet research with your fellow students, helping you avoid confusion, miscommunication, and research overlap. Co-browse the web together!
  • Tutoring just got easier! On Synaptop you can tutor online using chat, Synaphone and document sharing. You can do exercises, tests and quizzes while communicating in real time. Synaptop chat includes a translation feature so you can communicate in different languages at home and worldwide!

Do More With Friends!

  • Watch movies together! Synaptop’s Theatre app lets you watch movies with friends. Can’t coordinate time to go see a movie together? Watch videos and movies in the cloud! Synaptop™ allows all those watching to pause, play, rewind, and fast forward.
  • Listen to music together! Synaptop’s Music Player lets you listen to music together with friends. You can browse music online, upload your own music and create playlists and libraries that you can share with friends.
  • Co-DJ with friends in real time. When you can’t meet to DJ together, you can always DJ in the cloud with your friends.
  • Browse the web together! Synapnet lets you browse the internet with friends. They can see every webpage you see!
  • Play games with friends! Synaptop offers a variety of games that you can play in the cloud such as Chinese Checkers and Angry Birds. While you play, you can chat or interact via video!
  • Draw together! On Synaptop’s Sketch app you can draw, write and play games such as tic-tac-toe or Pictionary with friends in real time.

Your Space in the Cloud

Synaptop is your virtual computer. Access all your files, apps, and contacts from almost every internet-enabled device including PCs, MACs, Linux and Unix operating system devices, Android operating system devices, Playbooks, Samsung Galaxy tabs, and other platforms.

Make Apps

Developers, an API is available for making apps on Synaptop. Check out the developers page for details.

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