Store, Share, Open, and Edit Files

Collaborate in Real-time!

Synaptop offers free cloud file storage that lets you manage your files securely and conveniently. Your files are stored in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere. On Synaptop, you can:

FREE Storage

Get 5 GB when you sign up and 2 GB more for referring only 1 friend! Get an additional 500 MB for each additional referral up to a total of 18 GB, FREE!

Store/upload files


You can upload files by either:

  • Dragging and dropping from your computer to Synaptop’s “My Computer”
  • Uploading via the  button in Synaptop’s “My Computer”

Share Files

Right click on a file/folder and click on “Share”. This brings up a dialog that lets you specify who you want to share the file/folder with. You can specify individuals or groups to share the file/folder with. You can also set read/write permissions (make it read-only or let users whom you are sharing the file with edit the file(s)).

Send large files to an e-mail address

You can send large files (up to 5 GB)! The recipient will get an email with a link to your files for downloading. You have the option of password protecting the files.

  1. After logging into Synaptop, double click on “My Computer”.
  2. Drag and drop files from your computer to the “My Computer” window you just opened on Synaptop or use the “Upload” button in the “My Computer” window and select a file to upload.
  3. Locate the files in “My Computer” on Synaptop. Select the files you want to send. Use the Ctrl key to select multiple files. Right click on the file and click on “Send File”.
  4. Type in the email addresses of the people you want to send the files to. You have the option of password protecting the link to your files.



Find what you are looking for faster. Instantly search for files from “My Computer” or from the start up menu.

Open and Edit Files. Collaborate in Real-time.


On Synaptop, you can not only store and share files easily, you can open files and work on them collaboratively. Simply double click on a file to open it without leaving Synaptop. Drag and drop friends into apps to collaborate with contacts. Open documents and pictures, play movies and music – only on Synaptop.

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Secure and Private

Synaptop offers bank grade security. Your data is encrypted on upload and is stored encrypted. File transfer is encrypted. When you right click and download a file, you are downloading it securely. Synaptop uses https when logging you in, so your password is always encrypted. All your files are private by default. You chose which files to share and with whom to share.


Access FTP accounts and browse files via Synaptop’s intuitive file browser. Click on the wrench icon located in the top right corner of “My Computer” and choose “Add FTP”. Follow the onscreen instructions to add your FTP account.

Integrate with other storage providers

Synaptop makes it easier to access and share all your files from one place. Synaptop is integrated with other storage providers. To add other storage providers, click on the wrench icon located in the top right corner of “My Computer” and select the storage account you want to add.

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