“In many ways Night of the Living Dead was ahead of its times” – GoryBMovie, 2017

Night of the living dead is a classic.  A movie that was a hit on release and has remained dear in the hearts of many people.  And on Thursday last week, a number of fans of horror films joined GoryBMovie and Brian Barns on Cya.Live to watch it.

The story is one of the first real zombie movies to reach a wide audience, and it has a lot of trappings that would mould zombie films for decades after.  It focuses on 6 people who get trapped in a house in the countryside, which doesn’t belong to any of them, being assailed by countless zombies.  The movie features conflict and collaboration, courage and cowardice and a healthy dose of social commentary as the heroes try to figure out the best method to survive.

With GoryBMovie, the other guests and fans talking about the movie, we discussed how the film introduced the ideas that zombies ate their victims and that zombies are afraid of fire, one concept which changed the zombie subgenre forever, and the other which never really caught on so much.

It was an incredible experience and a lot of fun.

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