HALG_MOON_LOGOOn Saturday, May 14th at 6 pm EST, Synaptop will be hosting the first interactive film festival where fans can chat with creators, directors and stars of five short films.  Each film will have one or two selected hosts, with whom fans will be able to video chat.  Half Moon Cinema will be streamed live across multiple devices.

The first airing of Half Moon Cinema will start with the pilot to Kosmos, a si-fi mystery web series that was successfully funded on Kickstarter and will be hosted by Creator and Director Simon Horrocks.  This series tells the story of a geneticist named Philip Huyt as he attempts to cure his wife’s sudden illness using cutting edge technology.

Simon Horrocks has created an intensely compelling sci-fi mystery rooted in powerful human dramaRod T. Faulkner, The 7th Matrix

Half Moon Cinema will then continue with the pilot of Petrol, a car-centric web series that mixes in aspects of a general crime story with bikes, jet skis aeroplanes and all sorts of cars.  Petrol strives to be fresh, relevant and reflect on the modern world in a new way.

Petrol… is a series likely to appeal to anyone who enjoys crime thrillers – and beautiful cars! – Sandy, Canadian Blog House

The third film shown will be a Ron Leach short called Profile.  Profile explores the first meeting of a pair who were introduced to each other via the internet.

This will be followed by Getting Ready for a Lunch Date by Patrick Hodgson, a film with humble intentions that grew to become something much larger and stranger then was originally planned.  Mixes in some big names from the Toronto and Los Angles indie film scene.

Finally, the film festival will conclude with an airing of Billy the Kid, where an impoverished farmer looks for revenge for his wife amongst the the American Civil War, something which is only complicated by the presence of his adolescent son.


Sign up for the free event now at www.Synaptop.com/halfmoon

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