Icicle music


On December 3rd, at 6 PM EST, ArtSci Salon in partnership with the Fields Institute will present Icicle Music, a production, presentation and musical show featuring composer Jimmie LeBlanc, University of Toronto physics professor Stephen Morris and artist Fareena Chanda. This unique experience will use art and science, using visual and musical stimuli to offer a new way to perceive ice. Through projections, a live performance and music, the event will highlight the constantly changing state of ice, and turn its formation into an event that can be perceived with multiple senses.

If you are not in Toronto or can’t make it there on December 3rd, watch this event on Synaptop for free.

Synaptop offers an immersive environmnet allowing users to watch events with friends. Text chat and video chat with friends. Ask questions live or interact with the host via video chat.

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Artsci Salon's Icicle Music


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