Kilo Two Bravo (formerly titled Kajaki) is based off a true story follows the adventure of Paul Katis, a British soldier in the Afghanistan war during the year 2006. He finds himself with an injured comrade stuck in a minefield left behind by the Russians more than two decades ago. In this unique perspective on the war, the constant threat of anti-personable land mines means that one wrong step could cost a man his leg, or his life.

“Never have I seen a more gruesome depiction of war.” – Alexander Fiske-Harrison, The Spectator

“It is a very poignant, humbling perspective on the war in the Middle-East” – Alister Burton, The World Cinema Guide

“This film should be watched by all who comment on the war, on military operations, on training budgets, on veterans pay and every other aspect of sending young soldiers on operations.” – Afzal Amin, The Huffington Post

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