You’re not limited to your free 5GB of storage space on Synaptop.  You can purchase storage plans, from 10GB to 100GB plans so that you can increase your storage and keep doing the things you love on Synaptop. These are things like uploading videos to watch in Theatre, backing up files on the cloud, sharing files with your friends or transferring files to another device. Let’s look into these actions a bit.

Here’s a picture of the My Computer app. Every account has my computer installed by default, it’s the file management system on your Synaptop.

My Computer on Synaptop

The first thing to notice is the upload button in the top center.  This opens up the file system on the device you’re using, and allows you to upload files from you device to Synaptop.  You can upload any type of file, but you should consider how you wish to use the file.  If you wish to watch a movie on Synaptop, then it’s recommended that you upload a .mp4 file with the h.264 format.  Other files have been known to work in Theatre, but .mp4 h.264 are sure to work.  If you want to set the file as your wallpaper, then it’s recommended that you use a .png or a .jpg file.

Now that you’ve got some files in the cloud, you’d like to use them.  Double clicking on a file will attempt to open it with the default app for that type of file.  For example double clicking a .mp4 file will open up Theatre and start playing the video.  You can then invite your friends to watch the video with you.  But perhaps you don’t want to watch the video with your friends right now, instead you want to make the video available to your friends, so that they can watch it at any time.  To do this you need to right click the file, which will bring up the list shown above.  Click on share and add your friends in the next screen (displayed below).  Now your friends can view, open or download that file.

Choose who to share with

Now that your friend has access to the file, they might want to use it.  To do this they should open My Computer on their account and navigate to the “Shared” folder within it.  This will display icons for each person that has shared files with them.  It should look similar to the picture below.

Get files shared with you

Each person is like a folder that shows all their shared files.  Your friend can then treat those files as if they were on their own drive, however with a few less options.  They can open the file, if it’s a movie they can watch it in Theatre with their friends.  They can download the file on any device with a right click, they can even copy the file to their own account.  However they cannot delete or share the file without creating their own copy.

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