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Watch any Youtube video in sync on Synaptop

Synaptube boats a simple, easy to use user interface that keeps watching videos with friends as the main feature. This means the screen is not cluttered up by comments or suggested videos or adds while you’re watching. Instead, suggested videos will be displayed when the video is finished or paused.

The screen can also be resized as required, this way you can maximize it to full screen or keep it in a window just the right size to have a few of Synaptop’s video chats running at the same time.

Share your favorite youtube videos with friends by watching them in Sync on Synaptube. This means that each time you start a video, it will sync the video with everyone you’re currently watching them with, so make sure not to navigate away from a video your friend wanted to watch. One good way of making sure is to ask them over Syanptop’s free videochat before you change the video.

Need to go to the washroom? No problem, the video will stay synced when you want to pause it, jump back or skip ahead.

Watch videos with friends, or alone

We recommend that you watch Synaptube with friends alongside video chat, drag and drop users from your friends list into the app to invite them to watch it with you. Alternatively you can use the Facebook or Twitter buttons, or just use a link to invite your friends to watch with you. To start a videochat, simply click on their name and select the videochat button from the options that pop up. Make sure to share your camera and mic!

If you don’t have a camera or mic in your device, or want to watch without video chat or even watch alone, that’s fine too. Synaptube has full functionality while watching solo, you can even use it as a music player by loading up a music mix on Youtube, then minimize it for music while you’re working on something else.

Signing in to google is suggested, but not required

If you have your google+ account attached to your Synaptop account, Synaptube will display your suggested videos when you open it up. If however, you don’t want to attach your google account, you will see generic suggested videos not tailed to you when you first open it. It’s times like those when you might want to search to watch your favorite videos with friends.

One easy way to get your google+ account attached to a Synaptop account is by singing up with your google account.

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