Want to watch the best of YouTube videos together with friends? On Synaptop Theatre, you can watch YouTube together in sync with invited friends and contacts. Invite through social media or by sending a link. Our team has curated some of the most popular YouTube content including full-length movies, funy videos, viral animal videos and music videos.

We will be update the page often so check back for new curated content and fresh videos to watch together. You can video chat or text chat with friends while watching and annotate on top of videos for more fun!


watch youtube together

  1. Sign up at www.synaptop.com with email address or Facebook

  2. Invite friends from social media or email

  3. Open Theatre

  4. Select Youtube from the menu

  5. Invite contact from button at top right of the application

  6. Invite friends by selecting from list of contacts online or sending a link

  7. Press “Play” and watch together!


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