Having trouble figuring out to do on Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you are in a long distance relationship, you have an even harder task of finding something romantic to do with your date on Valentine’s Day. Looking for Valentines Day ideas, you may notice that many of them suggest dinner, chocolate and flowers. But what is most important, is spending time together.


movie date online


Spending time with your date is what matters, and what better way to do that then going on a virtual movie date. Schedule a movie date online where you can laugh, chat and be together. It’s the closest thing to going to the movies together. It’s hard for couples to find time to spend together and those in long distance relationships it’s even harder.

Why not ask your date out on a movie date?

  • Rent a movie for your date

  • Watch movies in sync

  • Pause, play, rewind and fast forward in sync

  • Video and text chat at the same time

  • Annotate on top of movies

  • Laugh together

There is more you can do together! Play games, chat, bring in friends, tweet and more. Spending time together is what Valentine’s Day is about so grab some popcorn, ask your date to meet you on Synaptop and make it a movie date to remember.

movie night

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