Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are done,  you are working through your list of holiday shopping. Forget boring Christmas cards. Why not send a personalized video message free along with any gift? Record with one click and send QR code to anyone, anywhere in the world! You can print the code after creating a video on Synaptop and send it along with any gift.

Need a last minute gift idea? Send a vMsg free to any email address! It’s the thought that counts and your friends and family will be thrilled you

Your video message can be viewed with one click. Scan the QR code and your video message will appear on the recipient’s phone. vMsg is a more personalized approach to holiday gift giving, bringing you closer to your loved ones this season and showing them how much you care.

Best of all, it’s free! This means you can buy more gifts for yourself and others. Why not rent a movie on Synaptop to watch with friends?

Want to know how to send a vMsg? Here is how:

  1. After creating a Synaptop account at log in to your account and install vMsg from Synappstore

  2. Open vMsg and click on “Record new message”


  3. After recording, select sending option. You can send to a Synaptop contact, email message or as a QR code.

  4. If you select the QR Code option, a generated QR code will appear along with the Print button.


  5. Click the Print button to open system default printer settings, and print it out.

  6. Send the printed QR code with your gift, or as is!

    PrintQRcode2 (1)

  7. The receiver can scan the QR code, or alternatively enter the url provided below the code, and watch the vMsg.

  8. If sending an email message, a user can simply click on the link and view!


Note that if you do not want to print the code right away, the message is still listed in the QR Code section in the vMsg app for later access. You can always access the code from there.


Don’t forget, you can also send a video message to a Synaptop contact or to any email address!

As a last minute gift idea, or just because, send a personalized message to anyone through Synaptop!


Happy Holidays and merry gift-giving with vMsg!


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