We are currently working on some changes to Synaptop to provide you with more content and features. Some features are temporarily unavailable.

 All the features you loved about the old version will be available in the new version, plus more. 

A new intuitive interface, better usability, more movies, games and applications are available with Synaptop 2.0. We have also improved our website with a new look and feel for easier navigation.

Synaptop is still free, available on all devices and platforms, and there is nothing to download or install! Video and text chat with any contact while playing games, watching videos and more. Drag and drop any content into an application and collaborate in sync, in real time!

Please help us make Synaptop better by reporting bugs to us at info (at) synaptop.com and let us know what else you want to see from Synaptop 2.0.


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