Living away from home for the first time can be a difficult experience as you challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone. Being away from family and friends and living in a new environment is not always easy, but Synaptop can help you keep up with what is happening back home.

There are a number of ways Synaptop helps users break that distance barrier:

  1. Video Chat – use video chat on any device with internet connect, no need to download or install any software. As long as there is a webcam/mic, you will be able to video chat your friends and family from anywhere.
  2. Video Message – send out video messages to loved ones, even if they are not online. Video message is an easy to use application that will allow your loved ones to know you are thinking about them, even if you are too busy to talk. It is a simple way to stay in touch even if you are busy.
  3. Synaptop Theatre – watch videos with family and friends online, without downloads. Play, pause and navigate the video in real time with other users to get the full video watching experience, online. Synaptop Theatre is a unique way to interact with your loved ones and video content.

Whether it’s just a quick video chat to say hi, or a movie date online, Synaptop makes it easy to stay in touch online.

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