Get creative and play Synaptop’s new game, Pictures Together while video chatting, watching a movie or interacting in many other apps.

Playing is easy! Pick a card and draw what your card says. Your friends then guess at what you are trying to draw. You have 5 minutes to draw an image to illustrate the word on your card, so be creative!

The first friend to guess the correct word wins a point. Take turns drawing and guessing with your friends online.

Pictures Together 2

To invite friends to the game, simply drag and drop contacts into the game. You can also use the “Invite Follower” button to invite friends into the game.

You can access Pictures with Friends on the Synappstore. There is no software to download and the install is easy. You can then play Pictures Together from any internet-enabled device.

Whether you’re an artist or like to have fun with drawing, Pictures Together is always an exciting way to challenge your friends online.


Pictures Together

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