Away from your mom this Mother’s Day? Here are 3 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom even if you are far away.

Mother’s Day is all about showing your appreciation and love to your mom by letting her know how special she is. What better way to do this than sending her a personal video message or watching a movie with her in real time Synaptop is all about bringing people together online, despite physical barriers. Use Synaptop to stay connected with your mom, even while you are away.

1.)    Send your mom a vMsg. A vMsg is a simple way to put a smile on her face, even while you are away. Use Synaptop’s vMsg application to send a video message to your mom’s email address. After logging into Synaptop, open vMsg. Then simply enter in her email address, record your message, and send it off to her this Mother’s Day.

2.)    Video Chat with your mom. Video chatting is an awesome way to stay in touch with your mom while travelling or living abroad. It’s easy to stay connected and updated on each other’s lives with Synaptop’s Video Chat.

3.)    Watch a video online with your mom. This year, watch a video with your mom online in real time on Mother’s Day. Use Synaptop Theatre’s unique and personal features to spend time with your mom online. You can pause, play and even paint on the movie all in sync with your mom.

Stay in touch with your mom this Mother’s Day, even if you are not home. Using Synaptop’s collaborative technology, your mom is never more than a quick video chat away.



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