Thanksgiving is a time for family activities, games, thanksgiving crafts, and of course thanksgiving dinner. Spending time with family and friends, gathering together for a meal, and eating copious amounts of turkey is the traditional way to spend the day. However, often many of us live far away from our families, and so it becomes increasingly difficult to draw together all family members into one home for a traditional thanksgiving gathering.

If you are away from your loved ones on Thanksgiving weekend, spend some real time together online. Synaptop’s Theatre, Music Player, Whiteboard and Games are the next bestthing to being with your loved ones.

Drag and Drop Friends to start watching movies with friends!

You can watch a movie together while chatting or interacting via video. Search for a movie online or upload any video or movie you would like to watch. You can pause, rewind and fast forward in sync. Your friends and family see what you see! Need to share, edit or discuss a document such as a family Thanksgiving recipe? Store files on our cloud or create, view and edit documents together while chatting in real time! There is nothing to download or install. Synaptop can be accessed from any device, and it’s free!

Watch Movies Together

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