At SIGGRAPH 2013, Synaptop™ will be presenting SynapScreen(TM), an exciting technology that lets you run apps in new ways! We will also be presenting Synaptop Theatre, our popular application that lets users view videos and movies synchronously while video chatting and collaborating in other apps.

Join us for stunning demos and major announcements.

You can find us at booth #723-H at the Anaheim Convention Centre.

Be the first to know what Synaptop’s major announcement is all about. Check out the latest press release below:


Synaptop™ launches Theatre™ at SIGGRAPH in Las Vegas! Watch and annotate videos in sync!

Anaheim, July 22, 2013 — Synaptop ( announces the launch of its Theatre and SynapScreen™ technology at SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim. Synaptop’s SynapScreen technology allows users to drag and drop any file from any device onto any other internet-enabled device or screen. Users can also drag and drop apps across devices.

Synaptop’s collaboration-enabled video technology, Theatre™, lets users watch videos together synchronously while interacting both through video and text chat. Users can watch videos together on Synaptop, browse videos, pause, rewind, and even fast forward all in sync. Due to the innately social and viral nature of synchronous viewing on Synaptop, increase in users and monetization of content is exponential.

Invited friends can start watching videos with a single click. Customers can either drag and drop friends into the video player, or they can add friends from their contact list with a simple click. Customers can add followers, see who is following them, and whom they are following. This collaborative technology is integrated with other social components, so users can watch videos with their Facebook friends or friends from other social networking sites.

SynapScreen lets users synchronize content across multiple screens and users, even those located remotely. In addition, SynapScreen facilitates immersive interaction by allowing for virtual in synch collaboration and annotation of rich media content through any device. Annotations can be made on any file in real time, in sync. With SynapScreen anyone can join a virtual meeting to interact with other users and content. No messy setups required! Users are able to watch videos in real time with contacts, share pictures, documents, presentations, browsing sessions and so much more! Collaborate from any place like never before.

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More information on Synaptop’s SynapScreen technology is available at:

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About Synaptop(TM)

Synaptop is an operating system that runs on the cloud on which users can store files, run apps, and collaborate. Users can collaborate in any application in real time by dragging and dropping contacts into that application. Users can also seamlessly transfer and scale apps and data across devices and screens dragging and dropping.

Manage data, apps, contacts, and devices, effortlessly.

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