Christmas is around the corner and everyone is making plans to spend quality time with their loved ones. But if your family is anything like mine (big, loud and spread across a few continents) you know that it’s often hard to gather everyone in one place for a proper family celebration. Of course, you can send cards and gifts in the mail (and stress about them arriving in the first week of January), write emails or text, or even phone.

Unfortunately, none of those mediums will allow you to really spend time with your family and friends that are far away. Activities like watching a movie together, playing a game, drawing together or listening to music while simultaneously interacting are difficult long distance.

Synaptop bridges that gap for you, letting you spend some time with your loved ones this holiday season, even miles away.

Watch movies with Theatre.
Listen to music together.
Play Games together.
Read together.

This Christmas, be together.

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