We at Synaptop are excited to announce that Synaptop CEO, Sami Siddique, will be speaking at the France-Canada Summit entitled “The Future of Digital Content” in Ottawa which will be held November 15-16, 2012.

He will be delivering a talk on the theme of how consumers are at the heart of content, which happens to be our own motto here at Synaptop! Sami will be speaking about the new consumer power that cloud technology provides users, letting them share, interact and collaborate in apps from any device, anywhere in the world.

Sami Siddique will be speaking to key players in the digital content industry both in Canada and France. It is a great honor for us to attend this summit and be recognized for our strides in bringing truly innovative technology to our users! Synaptop is a key player in the process of digital content viability moving forward, letting our users generate content, share it regardless of hardware or platform and interact with their friends and loved ones in a new way on the web.

Stay tuned for more news from our team!

We have some very exciting updates coming up soon.

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