Relationships are hard. No matter how much you love your partner, sometimes there are conflicts. Sound communication and team work are essential for the survival of any relationship. Couples in long distance relationships experience the added stress of being disconnected by thousands of miles and days or weeks of separation.

We know how hard distance is for couples, so we have developed way for couples to feel more connected with one another, and more intimately immersed in each other’s lives.

Here on Synaptop, you can date on the cloud, bridging the distance and getting closer to your loved one. We have developed numerous apps that let you interact in real time from any internet-enabled device, anytime, anyplace.

Watch a movie together online!

So you want to go on a movie date with your sweetheart but you’re far away? Synaptop has a solution. Theatre app lets you watch a movie together in real time while interacting via chat or video. You can either browse online for videos or upload one!

Listen to music together!

Do you enjoy listening to music together or making your partner mixtapes that tell them exactly how you feel? Synaptop lets you do just that. Listen to music together, make playlists, share your music library or playlists, and co-DJ together! You can upload music from your computer or search for tracks online. Your files are stored on the cloud so you can spend time together on the cloud from any device, wherever you want.

Miss your beloved? Send him/her a video message!

On Synaptop, we are re-inventing the love letter. Let your sweetheart hear your voice, see your face, and stay connected. Leave a video message on Synaptop or send one to an email address.

Play a game together or draw on the same canvas!

Have fun together on Synaptop. You can play games together while chatting or video messaging with your partner. Synaptop offers many games such as Chinese Checkers, Angry Birds and more! You can also draw on the same canvas together. You can play tic-tac-toe, hangman, or simply draw something sweet for each other.


Don’t let distance keep you apart! Date on Synaptop! Synaptop is accessible from

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