Dropbox Box.net SkyDrive Google Synaptop
Free Storage on Signup 2 GB 5 GB 7a GB 5 GB 5+2 = 7 GBb
Referral 500 MB - - ? 500 MB
Max. free space 18 GB 5 GB ? ? 18 GB
Upload file size limit 300 MB 25 MB 300 MB ? 5 GB
Individual file size limit Unlimited 25 MB 2GB ? Unlimited
Integration with other storage providers No No No No Yes
FTP No No No No Yes
Open Files No No No Yes Yes

aActivation from a purchased Microsoft product may be required (non-FREE).
b2GB is added to your account for the first referral. Each additional referral adds 500 MB to your account.

More info on Synaptop’s FREE storage is available here.


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