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Sending messages or emails to my friends is a regular form of communication for me. We all lead busy lives so it makes sense that social media is the most common way of interacting. However, often plain text can’t convey all the range of emotion and information that I want to communicate! This is why video messages are great for letting your friends know exactly how you feel. Synaptop’s simple “click and send” process makes video messaging very easy.

Not only can I record and send video messages to my friends, but I can also conference in real time with my friends. While I am talking to my friends, I can also surf the net on Synaptop, listen to music, read, game, draw and more. I can let my friends see what I am doing while I’m chatting with them or keep my activities hidden if I choose.

There have been so many times in the past when I was browsing interesting or funny websites that I wanted to share in real time with my friends. Sending links and then trying to explain what I was talking about often meant miscommunication and confusion. With Synaptop I can browse with my friends in real time, while chatting, discussing and (of course) laughing together. vMsging my friends also eliminates the require lengthy composition, typing or proofreading. It’s simple, fun and more personal than messaging or chat! Another great thing about this feature is that it can be left to be viewed at any time, and video messages do not require immediate attention unlike live video chat!

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