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Reading has always been a passion of mine. I spent much of my childhood and teen years in libraries, reading and discovering new books. In the last few years book culture and the practice of reading have changed dramatically. E-books and tablets have propelled books into a new virtual realm. While books themselves have not changed, the way in which we access, enjoy and share them has altered greatly. This has been great for those of us who live on the go. The convenience of reading books electronically ultimately won me over.

While reading has traditionally been viewed as a solitary activity, devoid of interaction, Synaptop has changed this. Synaptop’s Library app doesn’t only let me find books that I like, browse through bestsellers, organize books into a collection and view my friends’ libraries, but it also lets me read together with friends. I had run a book club in the past, and while I enjoyed the discussions, it was always difficult to coordinate meet-ups. This is where Synaptop helps. With the library app, I can read page by page with my friends, while discussing the book through chat or video. This virtual book club experience is completely interactive. Synaptop also lets me work on other applications, like viewing documents or listening to music while I read!

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