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Platform and device independent, Synaptop lets your ads reach a wider audience of all device users, various demographics, territories and preferences!

Viral Growth – Engage Customers!

  • Synaptop’s collaborative platform encourages viral growth of users due to the synchronous nature of its technology.
  • Let your advertising reach an exponentially growing user base.
  • Users invite friends from social media networks, increasing exposure to your content organically.

Cutting Edge Technology – Increase Exposure!


Synaptop’s cutting edge cloud technology does not require installation, download of updates. Users simply log in from any device, any platform, anywhere.

Flexible Ad Placement

On Synaptop your ads get exposure:

  • Ad space available before, after and during movies
  • Banner space available
  • Premium ad space on users’ desktop wallpapers offered

Why Synaptop?

  • Collaborative real-time technology in the cloud
  • Exponentially growing traffic
  • Popular destination for watching movies together
  • Viral exposure to your ads and content
  • Highly cited patents
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